Secure Document Storage Solutions

Security is of the utmost importance when it concerns documents. Data breaches are costly, and the reputation of an organisation could be tarnished by leaks that could compromise sensitive information about customers or employees. Using secure document storage systems to keep your documents organized, accessible and protected helps safeguard your organisation against cyber attacks and other risks.

Contrary to traditional paper documents, document storage solutions are digital and secure and secure from hackers who would otherwise have access to your data. This ensures the security of your documents even when they’re being accessed via devices that are not under your control, like those owned by third parties or colleagues.

Many document storage solutions offer several collaborative tools that facilitate the look over and make comments on documents. There are also solutions that integrate with your existing systems, reducing the number of applications. This reduces the chance of a breach by making sure that users have access to a single platform to collaborate and share documents.

You should also consider solutions that click here to read offer multi-factor authentication. This feature is especially important when employees work remotely and may require them to verify their identity through an app, phone call or text message before they can open or edit your documents.

Redtail Imaging, for instance, is a solution for document storage created for RIAs that combines the features of a content management platform with secure cloud storage and collaboration capabilities. It offers bank-level security and is configured to support industry compliance with FINRA and CFPB regulations.

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