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Battles against the forces of The Darkness are fought at various locations throughout the Solar System. You are a Guardian of The City; a soldier able to wield some of The Traveler’s incredible power. If you can find a grindr way to save The City — to reclaim all that we have lost — you will become legend. The years that followed the collapse of the golden age were hard, but slowly we joined together to build a city beneath The Traveler.

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RPG-like leveling and looting let players customize and grow their warriors as they like. An integrated competitive mode called the Crucible lets players engage in traditional multiplayer modes such as deathmatch while evolving their heroes. Add in finely tuned controls and a terrific and seemingly never-ending selection of powerful, upgradeable weapons, and you have the sort of shooter that fans of sci-fi FPS games ought to gobble up.

The Exo Stranger phases in and out of existence and on several occasions is heard having a conversation with an unseen partner who, it’s heavily implied, is in a future timeline—and may even be you. At the culmination of the campaign she grants the player a rifle made using parts that “shouldn’t yet exist”, and that rifle has a counterpart—aptly called ‘No Time To Explain’—that seems to be the same rifle, later in its own timeline. The extraterrestrial sphere called the Traveler is Destiny’s most iconic image and also its central mystery. Discovered on Mars in the modern era, it cultivated a golden age of technology that allowed humanity to spread throughout the solar system. The Traveler had an enemy, however—an equally-mysterious force called the Darkness. The arrival of the Darkness triggered an apocalyptic event known as the Collapse, during which the Traveler is believed to have ‘sacrificed itself’ to save the Earth.

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Warmind-related grimoire cards hint at a mysterious protocol called Midnight Exigent that was executed at the moment of the Collapse. The persistent theory is that when the Darkness attacked Earth, the Traveler attempted to abandon humanity but Rasputin and the other warminds disabled it to force it to stay and fight—that the Traveler’s ‘sacrifice’ wasn’t willing. Famous for uttering the first game’s best and worst and most emblematic line, “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain”, the Exo Stranger is an enigmatic figure who guides the player throughout the course of the initial campaign.

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Cheese Forever has a video on it that covers the process pretty well. Set centuries in the future, DESTINY imagines a solar system in which humanity’s survival is hanging by a thread. A moon-size, benevolent entity known as the Traveler arrived hundreds of years ago and helped usher in a golden age for mankind. People reached beyond Earth, terraforming and settling other planets in the solar system. Then an evil known as the Darkness showed up, forcing the Traveler into a silent hibernation and ransacking human civilization.

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When Destiny 2 arrives, it still won’t offer open matchmaking for some of the game’s more demanding modes. Despite that fact, Bungie has heard fans loud and clear and will be implementing a couple of new features they think will help solve the problem of traditionally solo gamers not being unable to enjoy certain modes. And according to PvP Lead Lars Bakken, these features are pretty similar to the experience you would get out of a dating app.


Raids are the most popular endgame activity, often favored by the most dedicated PVE players, and this tracker is fantastic for keeping up with any raid-related stats. This site is handy in the sense that Destiny 2 itself doesn’t show all the interesting stats players might want to know when playing PVP, so having a site like this is insanely useful for any hardcore PVP players who take the grind very seriously. Trials Report is the go-to site for anyone wanting to check up on the meta and what others might be running on a given weekend, and a given map. The simple site also shows the current map and the weapon that can be earned from going Flawless on that week. Most importantly, however, players can search for other players and see what their Trials stats are. Braytech is one of those sites that offer a little bit of everything to Destiny 2 players.

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This goes as far as showing sets from seasonal events and even the Eververse store, so nothing is forgotten here for the completionists. Destiny 2 is an incredibly complex game for a new player to get into, which is why the community and Bungie have worked hard to simplify the game and some of its features to make gameplay more simple and enjoyable. You may already have used Destiny Tracker for wayward Ghosts and missing Calcified Fragments, it’s so amazingly effective at this there’s barely any competition out there. We don’t mind at all how it spies on gamertag/PSN ID details to even know all this stuff. You’ll basically browse a bunch of guys that are trying to get a job done right there and then.

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