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If that person is reasonable and ready to compromise then you can just not get a pet. Such people exist, not sure how common they are though. It might be best for your health to steer clear of all furry or hairy pets. Before we jump to allergy medications and the like, let’s talk about the ways you can control your environment and reduce cat dander altogether. Some of the ideas mentioned below can be really effective. One easy solution is to establish a cat-free space or a cat-friendly space, depending on what you have to work with.

IgE is an antibody that your immune system makes. Each type of IgE is sensitive to a specific kind of pet allergen and other allergens. An allergic reaction is your body’s response to an allergen. Ongoing inflammation of tissues in the nasal passages caused by pet allergy can obstruct the hollow cavities connected to your nasal passages . These obstructions may make you more likely to develop bacterial infections of the sinuses, such as sinusitis. Pet saliva can stick to carpets, bedding, furniture and clothing.

There’s no freaking way I’d get rid of my pets. Be sure to wash your hands after touching your dog to keep allergens off your skin. Frequent bathing and grooming may reduce the amount of dander that accumulates. If possible, ask somebody else in the family to do the grooming, so you don’t suffer a reaction.

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Like most phobias though, there are ways to deal with it. Treatment for overcoming a phobia requires some willpower and work. A lot of people might not be willing to put this sort of time and effort in. It’s understandable with someone that they’ve just met. This might mean you have to be a little careful when dating someone who is Cynophobic.

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It’s just shows that the owners hygiene and sanitary conditions leaves much to be desired. My previous dog was the best test to any man – she smelled bad for years and shed like crazy, but was always with me. I would not have been mad if any guy was trying to keep his distance but every man I dated while I had her, treated her like a princess. Frankly speaking, we have our own kind of allergy – an allergy to posts without comments, so we will be happy for your opinions about this story, and even better – your own stories.

How long after being around pets do symptoms appear?

I get the allergy shots and I have other medications on hand just in case-pets are part of the package with people. There are so many other solutions and getting rid of your dogs should not even be on the radar. Hey, I know this isn’t the point of your post, but have you tried montelukast/singulair?

If I’m doing online dating, so I skip messaging them entirely? It just seems like the vast majority of the dating pool would be excluded in that case. In the majority of circumstances, dog allergies can be managed by one of the methods described the above. In very rare occasions will they be so intense that any proximity to a dog would be impossible. The bond between a human being and a pet can be as strong as that had with a family member.

It’s a pill, once-a-day, and it helps people with both/either asthma/allergies. I’m allergic to cats, almost every type of grass, a few insects, etc.; my allergies made me miserable but montelukast was like a cure. I’m not trying to be like other people and say “just take a medicine”; I just have really bad allergies and know how it can affect a person’s quality of life and I don’t want that for you. But whether your allergy is new or something you’ve been dealing with for years, there are certainly ways to make sure your S.O.’s pet isn’t a deal-breaker. Once you’re no longer around pet allergens, your symptoms usually go away after a few hours. However, if you have severe pet allergies, your symptoms may last for several days.

At 8 years old, I ended up in therapy to work on literally sitting in the same room as a tree nut. My girlfriend had passed me the sangria, and I, being slightly drunk off whatever cheap liquor we were drinking that night, mindlessly took a sip. I knew I’d be fine, relatively speaking (I’m not deadly allergic to strawberries), but she rushed over to the sink and examined me up and down as if I’d been bitten by a zombie. I assured her this wasn’t her fault, that it’s my responsibility—not hers—to ask follow-up questions about my allergies, but my consolation didn’t help. Her eyes welled up and she told me she could’ve killed me.

You can then use a double gate to distance them physically while they get used to seeing and smelling one another. If you both have pets who haven’t spent much time together, you’ll need to focus on helping them get off on the right paw. How you do this will depend on the pet configuration and their personalities.

Pet allergies are caused by an overreaction of the immune system to proteins shed by animals; symptoms can range from watery, itchy eyes to a full-blown asthma attack. It’s a misconception that pet hair is the culprit for allergies. Instead, Long says, “what people are allergic to is usually a protein found in the pet’s saliva and sweat.’’ After dogs and cats lick their fur or other objects, the protein becomes airborne. The idea that some breeds are hypoallergenic is a myth, he says.

The ubiquity of the allergens explains why only the most extreme measures make a difference. Simply taking the cat into another room won’t work, since allergens have already made their way into carpets, curtains, and other surfaces. He just keeps a healthy stockpile of a variety of allergy meds on hand. I wasn’t about to give up my cats, but he wasn’t about to let them come between us, either. If you’re allergic to your pet, you may notice symptoms right away or they might not crop up for a few days.