Enneagram Compatibility: How The Types Pair Romantically

If you are like most people, you’ve probably taken a personality test (or two…or 500) in your life, hoping to discover more about yourself. You’ve likely found that some are more accurate than others, largely forgetting your results along the way. Fours possess a variety of creative talents and abilities, but sometimes lack the know-how or practical execution to see things through. A partner who will encourage you to run that extra lap on a dreary Sunday afternoon will push you in the direction of growth.

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INFP Enneagram 6s are very loyal and protective of their loved ones. While some INFPs can be a little flighty, INFP Enneagram 6s take pride in sticking to their word. INFP Enneagram 5s tend to be more cerebral than your typical INFP. In addition, they tend to make more calculated decisions and they don’t have that unpredictable streak that can be seen in some INFPs.

Type Four: The Individualist

The Individualists seek validation of their uniqueness, so they appreciate genuine compliments and words of encouragement. Enneagram Type 1 in love requires a lot of reassurance that they are appreciated for who they are. They are hard on themselves, and they need external validation. The Reformers are likely to be attracted to a person who values their advice that will reinforce their self-esteem. They have incredibly high standards and have a strong sense of discerning right from wrong. Loyalty in relationships is what the Reformer is known for, but they can be downright picky when choosing a partner.

They’re also more self-aware and in touch with their emotions. ESFP Enneagram 3s are quick thinkers and they’re always looking for ways to improve. They’re never satisfied with mediocrity and they push themselves to their limits. At times, they can be quite ruthless in their pursuit of success. They are natural, charismatic leaders and are often very entrepreneurial. They can find it hard to sit still which is why they are always on the go.

Type 5 is known to be detached as they rely on logic and are private. The Investigators are an excellent match to the Reformers because they are independent and not demanding, which Investigators accept. Individualists asiafriendfinder com are known to be emotional and sad and can quickly lose touch with reality based on that alone. However, Type 5 is not the passionate type, but rather cerebral and logical, which can frustrate Type 4.

They are also very focused on feeling all of their emotions. Their moodiness can hinder them, and they have a fear of being flawed. They are motivated by their constant need to be successful—or at least to look successful to others. They never want to look like they don’t know what they’re doing, and they put a little too much focus on what others think of them. With that said, the review also noted that some studies have shown that Enneagrams can be helpful for both personal and spiritual growth.

Want a Week’s Worth of Healthy Trader Joe’s Recipes?

While you will always prefer to research and process information ahead of time, it is healthy for you to do resistance work in yourself. Because of all we’ve shared, you likely will not be surprised to hear that we believe Enneagram compatibility is available for ANY number combination! You absolutely can learn to support and work WITH any Enneagram type you’re married to. It simply takes work and understanding of both yourself and your partner. One of the reasons the Enneagram has such devoted enthusiasts is because unlike many other personality typing systems, it is not a “test-and-done” type of situation. In fact, if you want to dig in and reap the full benefits of this growth tool, your learning experience will look a lot more like a journey than a destination.

Founded in 2000 in California, eHarmony requires a lengthy registration process, and its matching algorithm searches for pairings based on commonality. Information is metered out so the process is slow and deliberate. No need to rush into things and with this measured approach, the chance of accidentally dating a pathological liar or a psychopath is much lower. Online dating still poses risks, but eHarmony makes it a bit safer.

ESFP Enneagram 9s are more easy-going and agreeable than your typical ESFP. In addition, they’re usually quite content with letting others take the lead and they aren’t as outgoing as some other ESFP Enneagram types. People of this type like to plan for multiple scenarios because they are very focused on safety and security. However, imagining all the different ways a situation might play out can be a struggle for ESFPs. In addition, they can need a lot of reassurance from others at times.

Ones are typically sticklers for rules and details, and get frustrated when things don’t live up to their very high standards – at work, in relationships or in their day-to-day lives. “Unlike a lot of the other assessments out there, the enneagram encompasses so many LAYERS of growth for people so that when they have time to dig in farther, they are able to. There are three types of people in the world according to how they approach the world, whether it is internal or external, and they are Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts. Your dominant wing is indicated by the higher score of one of the types on either side of your basic type. To know your Enneagram wing, you can take an Enneagram test, and read about other types, particularly that on either side of your wing.

Famous Enneagram Type

She covers a broad range of relationship and dating topics as well as writes the occasional advice column, answering reader questions. Ask them what they want to do every day, and be patient with them as they figure it out. Nines often override their innermost thoughts and desires to go along with what the group wants, so they’re not used to acknowledging what they actually want. When a Nine shares their passions with you, they are being vulnerable and strong, and you should treat that with respect and love.

Have fun on your dating journey, but keep safety in mind as well. No matter how nice a person sounds online, remember you’re corresponding with a stranger until you meet in person and get to know them better. Here’s a handful of pro tips to keep you safe as you match.

Ones are attracted to their adventurous, irreverent spirit. Joyful Sevens can remind the generally composed, hardworking One to let loose and, most importantly, not feel guilty about having fun. Ones infuse Sevens with a much-needed sense of purpose and direction, grounding the flighty Seven. When you read about the enneagram types, you may immediately recognize yours if you are not aware of it already. Type Eights are straightforward, confident, and decisive—a classic businessperson-type personality.

They have a nonjudgmental attitude that makes all of your parts, especially your unloved ones, feel welcomed and embraced. They want to support and uplift the people they care about. Twos are naturally in sync with what their partners want and need. The Enneagram and its model for growth call on us to show up as our authentic selves to fully experience genuine connection.