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The elusive stanley kind three.

It had a frog with a rounded again and a banjo-shaped spring. The lever cap spring is rectangular. The only difference with Type 1 is that it does not have Bailey’s identify on its early mannequin on the adjusting nut.

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Add a remark Cancel reply Your e-mail will and be published. Stanley plane features dating in the photos may not be and together with your airplane. The lighting makes a few of the bench plane castings seem like they’re made of bronze or one thing, but they’re actually all cast iron. I’ve type the mattress as a beginning point because it has many simply identifiable markings, and it probably wasn’t changed kind typically. Would need much more information to verify if Stanley or not.

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Stanley Type three Handplanes date from 1872 to 1873. What separates it from the above is the model new design of the frog. It is smaller and held on the bottom by a vertical rib between the casting.

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Inside, I found a Stanley 45 in a black wooden field together with another wood box of various cutters, a Stanley #78 that has rust (not pitted) on the machined edges. The Japanning appears to be in fairly fine condition. There’s also a Sargent #7 Jointer aircraft and a Stanley/Bailey #5. And Up 0 zero Vote Down Reply. Are you capable of help me determine my plane. Dating i can exercise it dating a bailey no4 sweetheart.

The variation options are the aircraft number, patent numbers, or dates. Allow me to detail the steps to dating a Stanley plane. According to Patrick’s Blood & Gore WEB web page, the cutter adjustment screw simply ahead of the handle was added in ca. 1895 and the rosewood knob was moved to the fence. The chart below outlines the key specs of all of Stanley’s Bailey line of bench planes.

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